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Common Pregnancy Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

Pregnancy – A beautiful, complicated yet confusing journey.

This is a period full of excitement, suspense, and numerous stories and advice told by the nanny and granny.

But let’s face it: not every piece of advice that you get during pregnant is pure gold. These are just myths that have to be busted.

Myth #1: “You’re Eating for Two”

Oh, the age-old saying that one may have interpreted as meaning that doubling down on portion sizes is a sign of pregnancy. Reality check: Yes, you are feeding yourself and your baby, but you are not actually eating for two grown-ups. Here, the mantra is quality over quantity.

Myth #2: “You Can’t Exercise During Pregnancy”

False! However, exercise can be helpful for a woman during pregnancy unless there is any special complication or medical prescription against it. However, it’s not referring to rock climbing or running a marathon. Light workouts including pregnancy yoga, swimming, and brisk walking are highly beneficial to your overall body and state of mind.

Myth #3: “Heartburn Is an Indication Of Plenty of Hair In Your Child”

Surely, you would have laughed when you heard this old tale once. However, the amount of heart burning you experience is not an indicator of the baby’s volume of hair. The baby’s hair growth has nothing to do with heartburn; it’s associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Myth #4: “Avoid All Seafood During Pregnancy”

Yes, some specific seafood high in mercury should be skipped. However, not all seafood falls into that category. For instance, fish like salmons, shrimps, and trout have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, essential for the development of the baby’s brain and eyes. Moderation and choosing low-mercury options are vital.

Myth #5: “Stay away from your litter box”

This parasite is called toxoplasmosis, and its presence in the cat’s feces can be dangerous for pregnant women. Nevertheless, the worry is mainly regarding outdoor cats that could transport the parasite and not indoor cats. Just have someone else clean the litter box, or use gloves and wash your hands extensively.

Myth #6: “Cocoa Butter Prevents Stretch Marks”

Apologies for bursting your bubble. Note that moisturizing your skin is wonderful but stretch marks have more to do with genetics and the natural stretching of your skin during pregnancy. It may assist with itching, but it will not entirely prevent stretch marks.

The Final Words

Finding one’s way through pregnancy advice is like trying to find one’s way through a maze. However, understanding the distinction between myths and facts can shed light and offer some comfort.

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